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OCTOBER  2012 *

Progressive Muslims condemn violence that only tend to confirm insulting and provocative caricatures towards Islam and our Prophet Muhammad    

    Numbers of Progressive Muslims around the world have reaffirmed their position on freedom of expression, condemning the acts of violence committed by extremists, in response to a movie and cartoons that they think openly insult Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad . Numbers of Progressive Muslims around the world can only observe the fact that insulting the Prophet Muhammad  is equivalent, for most of Muslims, to insulting a family member, for example their mother or sister.

    We have yet to keep calm and follow the example of our beloved Prophet , since he faced direct persecutions, never reacting violently though. In fact according to a well-known story, there was a woman in Makah who dump garbage at his door, put thorns on his path and even poured manure on his head while Muhammad  was praying. He never responded by anger or violence on the contrary, when he noticed the absence of the woman who tormented him, he visited her house, find out that she was ill and wished him a prompt recovery.

    It is necessary to contrast the above example of our revered Prophet  and actions of extremist groups today, certainly initiated in response to movies and cartoons about which it was openly stated they have been made to provoke, insult and even to be "naughty"; commercial, opportunists provocations indeed. Yet it is clear, according to same style affairs in the recent past, that the best response to such provocations is the absence of violent reactions which, otherwise, would tend to confirm the insulting cartoons towards our Prophet . Moreover the violence, committed by this tiny minority who claim herself from Islam and unfortunately too much talked about in the international media, are contrary to the Qur’anic ethics and the example of peace and righteousness of our Prophet .

    This is why many progressive Muslims around the world, despite the insults and provocations, upholds the principle of free speech, whether political, artistic, social or religious, even when that expression may be offensive and that dissent may be considered blasphemous. We, progressive Muslims around the world, are now more likely to say very clearly that no country should be subject to violent attacks , neither any individual legally prosecuted, imprisoned, detained or physically punished for a statement promoting unpopular views or even diffusion of bad taste literary or humorous work...

  Read the entire statement, please click here



Misogyny, homophobia or transphobia: Why “progressive” Muslims are not all inclusive?

        The North American Association of Muslims for Progressive Values has organized a three-day conference on the eve of Ramadan, at the Manhattan College of New York from 13 to 15 July 2012. The key liturgical concept on which they founded the whole association, presented by Ani Zonneveld, being the creation of a fundamentally inclusive "safe space" toward each and every Muslim; his is the "backbone" of these "Tawhid" mosques that the association founded in several cities in Canada and the United States...

  Read all on SaphirNews or here

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  CALEM Paris 2012, click here

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associative  committee  of  the  ANRS  (national agency against HIV)

HM2F is a citizen network which has worked since 2010 towards the fight against homophobia, Islamophobia and racism but also against all forms of discrimination, including serophobia. In addition, we have several members who are directly or indirectly affected by this issues related to the spread of HIV / AIDS and some have even shared the time of seroconversion with another member of the association.

           Indeed, the double discrimination can be considered as an aggravating factor vis-à-vis the HIV / AIDS. Suffice to say that as individuals who are doubly discriminated - because of their sexuality, gender, ethnicity, HIV status -, the IPERGAY PrEP trial is seen as a real opportunity for some gays. Our citizen network has expressed the ANRS (National Agency for AIDS Researches) our thoughts among the HM2F; reflections brought for some of them in collaboration with other associations also involved, we tried to formulate as concisely as possible, first to save time, but also because these arguments fail to be explained again and again later.

  Press release of the IPERGAY associative committee (in French)...

ministerial  consultations  of  our  associations

Our citizen network welcomes the Government's initiative to establish a broad consultation in partnership with civil society that we represent, to achieve the best possible legislation and establish greater and sustainable equality between all citizens. Thus, our  network sent several reflection proposals for the coming weeks, before the adoption end of the year - if all goes as planned - of a law opening marriage and adoption to all couples in France, without distinction of gender or sexuality ...

  Read more here (in French)

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spokesperson  |  change  of  leadership

      AlhamdouliAllah, thanks be made to the LORD our God, the One, the Merciful, He / She who has always made ​​us khalifs (successors) on Earth, I am the luckiest of the gay the Muslim in France, since I had the honor to be the founder of what was and will continue to be inch'Allah an extraordinary associative, citizen, human adventure.

     Indeed since January 2010, I was spokesman of one of the associations, in the world, Allah gave us the grace to place it at the forefront of reflections about a truly liberating theology, emancipatory, advocating self-determination about sexuality and self-definition in terms of gender identity.

     Three years ago, both in the in LGBT "network" and in the French Muslim "community", we did not exist some said. Today I leave this association, founded by the grace of God, on a solid foundation in the hands of a small dozen directors generous trustees, of good faith.

     As agreed at the foundation of the citizen network, so I let my way to another form of leadership that I have no doubt will find its own way; as agreed in early 2013 the forthcoming elections within HM2F allow our small internal democracy to speak out loud again. Otherwise, this is the last quarterly newsletter I edite for the HM2F; we shall see what the next National Bureau of HM2F will choose as a long term politic, and mediums for their communication. Thus, in the meanwhile I shall refer you to:

Archives of publications and activities reports, lists of HM2F administrators contacts

Contacts of the international INIMuslim network

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, founder and spokesman of the HM2F citizen network since January 2010
International coordinator of the informal CALEM confederation, Founder member of the international INIMuslim network

CALEM | 2012 - program (16 March 2012)

Beyond racism, islamophobia and anti-Semitism, let’s stay united (20 March 2012)

United beyond racism, hatred of islamophobia and antisemitism (23 March 2012)

Built France all together (29 March 2012)

Le Coran et la Chair, from Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed (29 March 2012)

Tarik Ramadhan and homosexuality (5 April 2012)

IPERGAY and the ANRS associative committee against HIV/AIDS  (10 April 2012)

Presidential elections, claims for equal human LGBT rights (3 May 2012)

KAOS GL, the association of Turkish homosexuals and transexuals (9 May 2012)

IDAHO Agenda 2012 & Green Book against homophobia, trnasphobia and islamophobia (17 May 2012)

Post IDAHO 2012 (21 May 2012)

Pride marches Agenda for eaquality in 2012 (1st June 2012)

CALEM in New-York and debate in Marseille about Islam and secularism (4 July 2012)

Progressive inclusive Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca and Madinah with the women imam from California Amina Wadud (19 August 2012)

The socialist government is engaged side by side with HM2F and other associations towards LGBT human rights equality (11 September 2012)

Progressive Muslims around the world condemn violence which tend to confirm provocative insulting caricatures towards our Prophet ASWS (20 September 2012)

Since the creation of our citizen network in January 2010, our activities have grown in an exponential way. We decided that Quarterly newsletters (link below) could not suffice to inform our sympathisers; thus, we decided to add regular press release to our communication mediums (list on the left).

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    White Book | Ramadhan 2012

At the end of the blessed month of Ramadhan 2012, we revealed the "White Book" relating the story of the incredible spiritual and cultural quest at the sources of Islam:

            "We were several individual who wanted to live together a spiritual retreat and a cultural quest, at the roots of our Islamic faith, in company of inclusive Muslim brothers and sisters. The aim of this trip was to offer participants a             unique experience, filling them of positive energy, at the source of the Islamic culture.
            Our inclusive group of “'Umrah of Tawheed 2012” was made ​​up of Muslims from Europe, North Africa and North America; inclusive, progressive, reformist Muslims, supporting an appeased, egalitarian and gender-neutral representation of Islam. We were accompanied in this quest, alhamdouliAllah, by a great woman of contemporary Islam: Dr. Amina Wadud - who is an Imam, a theologian and a Hadja -, that throughout this journey embodied with us the peaceful share of the Islamic spiritual quest. Such was the history of our inclusive pilgrimage to the sources of Islamic Liberation..."

  White Book | Click here for the complete version

Tawhid 'Umrah
to Mecca and Madinah

An inclusive pilgrimage with the woman imam Amina Wadud at the sources of.

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During this last three months, HM2Fs have been active in France and Abroad.

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Find all our news, on the citizen network's HM2F facebook public open group


Read more news about Islam and inclusivity on the following social networks:

International congress on Islamic Feminism (Spain)

Muslim for progressive values (USA)

CALEM - facebook group

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COMICS - The adventures of Nordine, a gay in the suburb
Thanks to our brother Mustik


Hey guys!
You have to come and see that!!

What's up!?

Come, come and see by yourself :)

Wait, why are you in such a hurry!

Oh yeah you were right!

That is the new place to be!

Inclu... What!
Inclu... What!?

Come brothers and sisters in our new INCLUSIVE Mosque  :))

But what the h..l does inclusive means!?

Abdul Dandy Warhoul, you are also here??

Yeah really a revolution that mosque.

I would'nt miss it for anything in the world!

Yes but... What it an inclusive mosque ??

You don't know what does it mean??

Then ask people around you...

Madam, Sir...

Yeah honey what's up  ;-)

Could you tell me what "inclusive" means...?

Waouw! What a great cruising technique you have! Ok... take my card and my number and don't forget to call me  :p

He Lady...

Yes my brother?

What does inclusive means...
I have no idea.

Hey you! Who do you think you are talking to!!!!

Who told you to talk to my husband?

Your husband !???

Oh you and your bloody jalousy!
Anyway... I love you my heart as you are :)

Hey you could you explain to me what "inclusive" means...?

Ohhhh, sweet your question :)

Come with me I am gonne explain it to you.

The discourse of our honorable imam shall begin. Everyone is invited...

Ok let's go!

Salam Alaykoum, welcome to all our brothers and sisters.

Thanks God this mosque is opened to everyone...

Salam... Salam... Salam....

May peace be upon you,
brothers and sisters,
whatever your faith,
your ethnicity,
your sexuality,
your gender is,
be in peace,
with yourself
and do not doubt of the infinite Mercy of God!

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Spokesman, L.Zahed - 1st Octobe 2012

Hope to see you soon among us, Peace.

* Thanks to our sister organization from Amsterdam,

stichtingsecretgarden, to let us use one of their photos.


HM2F, our citizen network, is the international coordinator of the CALEM conference,
a member of the French LGBT Federation, the RAVAD, the ILGA ;
member of the interorganizational committees  Pinar Selek and IPERGAY, and founder member of the MTE

Our initiative is the result of a fretarnal collaboration between homosexuals (or citizens from other sexual visible minorities) :
atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or from any other faith ... This is a great pride ! And we foment
the secret hope in the face of Destiny, and that this spiritual plurality of a "living together" remains
the cornerstone on which we shall continue building our futur projects together inch'Allah.