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july  2012 *

an  inclusive  pilgrimage  in  mecca 

tawhid  umrah  -  june  2012

« And proclaim unto mankind the Pilgrimage. They will come unto thee on foot 
and on every lean camel; they will come from every deep ravine »
(Qur’an: 22.27)

What is it?

            From 8th to 18th of June 2012 - during the islamic month of Radjab, the month of universal Peace -, a group of Muslim brothers and sisters went to Mecca, for an inclusive pilgrimage! The idea was to live together a spiritual retreat and a cultural quest, at the roots of our Islamic faith, in company of inclusive Muslim brothers and sisters. The aim of this trip was to offer participants a unique experience, filling them of positive energy, at the source of the Islamic culture.

Who is it?

The Tawhid Umrah's inclusive group is made of inclusive, progressive, reformist Muslims, supporters of an appeased, egalitarian and non-sexist representation of Islam. We will be accompanied in this quest, alhamdouliAllah, by a great woman of contemporary Islam: Dr. Amina Wadud - who is an Imam, a theologian and a Hadja, that throughout the journey shall embody with us the peaceful share of the Islamic spiritual quest. Some intellectuals have indeed written a tribute to Amina Wadud; read the tribute to Amina Wadud by clicking here.



  Learn more on the Facebook group of the event

A travel blog and a documentary shall be available soon inch'Allah




A quest realized thanks thanks to
to the international networking program sustaining inclusive Muslims

INIMuslim is an informal network, opened to every citizen of the world inspired by a good will, without any discrimination regarding their personal convictions, ethnical background, serological status, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity... (read more by clicking here).

Since its elaboration, this network already realized several projetcs:

- conferences, seminars and colloques of CALEM in 2011, and 2012.
- publications of the Green Books in 2012, translated in French, English, Spanish and Dutch.
- sustaining our sister Nasreen Amina - in collaboration with our sister organization MPV - for her publication on islamic feminisme at the May 2012 conference in Argentina.
- financial support for three lesbians from a Muslim backhground to attend the international Muslim women's conference (in September 2010, while the network was still not formaly named).
- sessions of brainstorming and affiliations trainings organized during 2012 (...).
-  helping refugees, fleeing away from their country because of despotism and homophobia, to find asylum in European countries.

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We  pray  for  THe  memory  of  our  brother

Ihsane  Jarfi

            Since the death of their son, the parents of Ihsane Jarfi were discreet but dignified. Six weeks after the fact, they entrust to the Belgian press their sadness and their desire to campaign against homophobia.

             Born in Casablanca, Hassan Jarfin came to Belgium for his studies in communication. He met his wife, Nancy, who is a teacher. The couple had six children, Ihsan was the eldest. They were very proud of him: "He had just landed a job as manager of a luxury clothing store in Brussels and took a month off to review foreign languages before starting this work. He always worked, he laughs all the time. He radiates love". They still talk about him at the present.

             Hassan teaches Islamic religion in a school of Liege and he is responsible for one of the largest mosques in the city. But when Ihsane (pictured cons) dis his coming out, he was neither surprised nor shocked. "I knew it already. When he was little, he tried the shoes of his mother. I have educated my children in a multiculturality, freedom". After consulting with religious texts, he said he had "found nothing in (his) religion saying that a homosexual was condemned to hell. Ignorance is the worst enemy. God created my son like that. "...

  Read more

  It was indeed a homophobic crime

  One of the presumed killers had a gay father

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   " Women with Mustaches      and Men without Beards  "

         Drawing from a rich array of visual and literary material from nineteenth-century Iran, this groundbreaking book rereads and rewrites the history of Iranian modernity through the lens of gender and sexuality. Peeling away notions of a rigid pre-modern Islamic gender system, Afsaneh Najmabadi provides a compelling demonstration of the centrality of gender and sexuality to the shaping of modern culture and politics in Iran and of how changes in ideas about gender and sexuality affected conceptions of beauty, love, homeland, marriage, education, and citizenship. She concludes with a provocative discussion of Iranian feminism and its role in that country's current culture wars. In addition to providing an important new perspective on Iranian history, Najmabadi skillfully demonstrates how using gender as an analytic category can provide insight into structures of hierarchy and power and thus into the organization of politics and social life.

  Learn more

dr. Afsaneh Najmabadi

          Afsāneh Najmābādi (Persian: افسانه نجم‌آبادی‎) (born 1946) is an Iranian-American historian and gender theorist. She is professor of History and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard University. At present she chairs the Committee on Degrees in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.[2] She is further Associate Editor of Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, in six volumes.

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    Green Books | 2010-2012

        This yers, the Green Book against homophobia and transphobia has been published in collaboration with several intellectuals and sister organizations:

"We can analyze the verses about the people of Lot o show that the Quran does not condemn homosexuality (love between same sex individuals), but mass rape and rejection of foreigners. We can analyze the transmission chains of some alleged misogynistic hadeeth, to prove they are false. We can analyze the condemnation of sexual relations between same sex people in traditional Islamic jurisprudence, to demonstrate that it has no basis whatsoever in the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet . We can finally analyze the homophobic laws in force in most Muslim countries, to attest that they have no basis in Islam. But, having done this exegetical work, we feel a void. ..." (One of the 2012 Green Book's preface; by Abdennur Prado, former president of the Spanish Islamic Council, president of the Islamic Conference on Feminism).

  Green Books | 2010-2012

        The Green Book | 2012 shall be presented during the next CALEM's conferences and European seminars; it is now available online.

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" Le Coran et la chair "

       The book of the founder and actual spokeman of HM2F shall be presented again in different cities in France and abroad:

“The revival or reform of Islam will not happen alone, we must act. To me, homosexuality, whatever people say, is not a choice, and it would be crazy to choose be homosexual when one comes from the sociocultural environment where I am coming from (...). It is the human being in all its complexity, knowledge, freedom of self-determination, his/her capacity for empathy, which makes us creators of possibilities, the successors of God on earth according to the teachings of the Qur’an. I understood that homosexuality as we live in today, at least such as French law allows us to live it, does not go against any of the principles of an enlightened Islam ..."

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Ludovic-Mohamed  zahed

   Born in Algiers in 1977, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed grew up between France and Algeria. His is finishing a PhD. in Anthropology about Islam and sexual diversity. He founded several organizations, among which HM2F.
    He his also the author of a book about Aids children called "Révoltes extraordinaires : un enfant du sida autour du monde" (published on the first of December 2011, in collaboration with the association TDMES).

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During this last three months, HM2Fs have been active in France and Abroad.

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Find all our news, on the citizen network's HM2F facebook public open group


Read more news about Islam and inclusivity on the following social networks:

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Muslim for progressive values (USA)

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COMICS - The adventures of Nordine, a gay in the suburb
Thanks to our brother Mustik


Like this?
(vote for "Jelly", the nickname of the new French president).

Well done my darlings!

Oh no, not you!

In my arms my loves!

Always so cute these dudes!

To forget....
Abdul Dandy Warhoul

You are back?

I hope you are not upset about me?

I shall forget you to have seen the willy of my superman!

How come on Nordine, you are not 8 anymore!

Stop complaining and take example on our three friends!

Because if "Jelly" is elected, I shall be able to get married with my partner!!!

Yeuuurk! We did not know that!

We are not gay!

But who are you goanna vote for!?

It shall be difficult to find out someone that suits you.

What is the ideal candidate for you?

For me a rap artist would be cool!

A black man like in the States?

("Long life to France!")

Or Action Man...?
("Who is the strongest!?")


A black rap artist, muscular, gay and dressed in leather!

Ok let's stop dreaming!

We still have a lot of posters to stick.

We shall help you!!!

("forbidden to stick").



Yes we can!!!

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Spokesman, L.Zahed - 1st July 2012

Hope to see you soon among us, Peace.

* Thanks to our sister organization from Amsterdam,

stichtingsecretgarden, to let us use one of their photos.


HM2F, our citizen network, is the international coordinator of the CALEM conference,
a member of the French LGBT Federation, the RAVAD, the ILGA ;
member of the interorganizational committees  Pinar Selek and IPERGAY, and founder member of the MTE

Our initiative is the result of a fretarnal collaboration between homosexuals (or citizens from other sexual visible minorities) :
atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or from any other faith ... This is a great pride ! And we foment
the secret hope in the face of Destiny, and that this spiritual plurality of a "living together" remains
the cornerstone on which we shall continue building our futur projects together inch'Allah.