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january  2012 *

inclusif Islam, feminism & homosexuality

For the second consecutive year, our citizen network HM2F had the honor to coordonate the organization of the Conference of associations LGBT, European or Muslim. CALEM in Arabic, is the tool we use to learn and write our own destiny. Knowledge and cooperation are the tools we use to make us free human beings.  

This year we had the honor to welcome almost 250 participants in four different European countires, which gives CALEM - and our fights for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual) human rights - a modest continental dimension; AlhamdouliAllah.  As an inclusive conference, CALEM's seminars were opened to all. We ensured that fact as far as possible. Thus the participants embodied a great diversity: LGBT citizens, inclusive and progressive Muslims, associations' volunteers and activists, professionals of social psychological support, intellectuals and academics.

In Paris we welcomed almost 100 participants for the presentation of Amina Wadud, thanks to the EHESS that accepted exceptionnaly to work with an activist confederation. In Bruxelles we were pleased this year to offer empowering trainings for individuals and workshops for professionnals; In Madrid we beneficiated a great media interest (especially from the national TV channel Sexta), in a country where religious conservatism is an issue; In Lisbon we were honored to exchange information and ideas with professional human rights activists and volunteers that have to deal with a small and new Muslim community in Portugal.                                                   


We would like to remind that in this HM2F is initiator and international coordinator of the CALEM conference, for the second consecutive year, although nothing would have been possible without the dedicated cooperation of our sister associations who support us since 2010. But whatever happens, we shall remain true to our ethical positions, explained now on the front page of the  CALEM website:
                "CALEM is an informal confederation of LGBT, European or Muslim organizations, that works * toward sexual and gender diversity within Islam. CALEM is a secular and non political organization, free from any political party, financial sponsor, from any kind of ideology and not submited to any kind of abolute religious authority."
               We will remain thus, by the grace of God, focused on our aim: the development of a truly inclusive Islam, fundamentally respectful of the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations, and the consolidation of a secularism truly respectful of all beliefs. We finally recall the importance of dialogue: regardless of the difficulty of the task; we say to be inclusive Muslims and our duty is to continue to collaborate with all individuals and associations - LGBT, European, or Muslim - that want to work to defend LGBT human rights and dignity.

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apolitical conference, against all forms of discriminations

"And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops ; but give glad tidings to the steadfast. Who say , when a misfortune striketh them : Lo! we are Allah's and Lo! unto Him we are returning. Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided."
(Qur'an: 2.155-157)

             CALEM 2011 was a success, despite all the difficulties inherent in such an undertaking. Calem held this year a major continental conference, thanks to high quality guests, with seminars in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, in collaboration with organizations such as the ILGA Portugal, the Spanish federationFELGTB ,  the city of Brussels, the region of Brussels, the Flemish commission of Brussels, of the Flemish community (Vlaamse Gemeenschap), of Madame Milquet - Vice-Prime minister and Minister of employment and chances equality, in charge of the migration and asylum politic, of the city of Brussels, of the region of Brussels-capital, of the EHESS (School of High Studies in Social Science - and also of the IISMMENSCEIFR, IREMAM), the Spanish Islamic council Junta Islamica, the union of Muslim women UMME & the inclusive Muslim network INIMuslim.

              We hope to continue to host a debate at the forefront of the brainstorming about Islam and the acceptance of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations (see the archives of publications CALEM).We are more than ever at the disposal of our sister organizations - be they European, LGBT or Muslim - to organize seminars in 2012 that we are already finalizing some of them. We will keep you informed. For any question, please contact us:

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AIDS world day - 2011
minorities and double discriminations

To mark the World Day of fight against AIDS, 1st December, this year our citizen network HM2F was honored to support its sister association, TDMES - the acronym in French for AIDS children world tour - which our spokesperson is also president and founder.


TDMES conducted for three years, an exclusive survey around the world in 29 countries, to illustrate the best way to support or not of the children of AIDS. To discover this book and the documentary of 26 minutes * about children with AIDS, the collective citizen HM2F supported the following actions:

1st DECEMBER - The book called "Révoltes extraordinaires; un enfant du sida autour du monde",
is available since the 1st of December and was dedicated at the city hall of Paris 6, thanks to l'Harmattan editor.

5th DECEMBER - Hence, we had the honor to invite you to the screening of the documentary:
" AIDS Generation " (in French) at the French Development Agency.

6th DECEMBER - We were also pleased to invite you to the conference about double discrimination and minorities,
organized by Respect Magazine at the auditorium of the Paris City hall, Tuesday December 6th.

JANUARY  2012 - screening of the documentary "Generation AIDS" at the BASILIADE house, where HIV individuals are welcomed, counceled, supported all year long; Registration, click here.

* The book and the documentary could be translated and sold by the sister organizations of TDMES, that we thank for their cooperation; the entire list of the organizations, click here.

  Learn more - commission SPS of HM2F

AIDS & youth

The BOOK of the AIDS children world tour, an exclusive enquiry around the world in 29 countries, is now available; its title is: "Révoltes extraordinaires ", l'Harmattan editors, Paris.

A book and a documentary that were launched on the websites of Libé,, of the Ministry of Foerign Affairs and on the l'Agence Française de Développement (French Agency for Developement) on this 1st December 2011.

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The documentary director

"Before meeting Ludovic, my vision of AIDS was, I think, fairly close to the vision that are most French people against this scourge. AIDS was to me a virus that has ravaged in the 1990s, the entire planet. But I was still in the idea that today, the epidemic was behind us..." (note of intention of Sami Battikh).

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French Mums in veil - press release after the report from the
administrative court of Montreuil (eastern Paris)

            The Administrative Court of Montreuil rejected a request introduced agaisnt a school inner-rules of this city to actually prohibit veiled mothers to accompany school trips on the grounds that this request would be the legitimate application of the principle of secularism.


                  Luc Chatel, Minister of Education has "taken note" with a bang this court decision that has not yet been confirmed on appeal, suggesting that the ministry sets the stage for a general prohibition against veiled mothers to participate in the accompanying of any school trips, and despite the fact that very few schools have  introduced such statements in their inner-rules.

                  But beyond the lega aspectl, social and moral implication of such a decision and regulatory measures makes only too clear ...

  Learn more - network MTE (that HM2F is a founder member)

History of the creation of the mte

      Teachers and parents are expected to collaborate, and train with the students, the "triangle of co-education" in primary and secondary schools. Parents are involved throughout the year, the class councils, boards of orientation, open houses and school trips. Some schools have begun to prohibit the participation in some mothers on the grounds that they "wear a scarf!"

    Some principals and headmasters invent prohibitions equally illegal and harmful, this time students, for example, prohibit the directors long skirts for some girls when they know they are Muslim.

      These measures not only humiliating but also detrimental to the education of children ...

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Islam & love of young boys 
before " homosexuality "

            The homoeroticism at that time have been an intrinsic reality, obviously. It would be like taking a trans-historical truth and make a story out of it (eg "Women's History"). Even Foucault, for example, has highlighted the social construction of sexual or gendercategories. Today according to the author, the inclinations are sufficient to categorize you in a "performative" social class as homosexual, whereas before the "sodomites" were only those who practice anal sex. Besides the "active" was not considered as the "passive", etc.

             The author demonstrates the absurdity of those who think of homosexuality essentialism - the idea that gender and sexuality would not be built -, and the fact that the some postponed their desire on men simply because there was too many women. Yet one can prove exactly the opposite thing, just saying that if there are not enough women, then men become gay ...

Listen to the entire meeting audio report, click here

  Learn more - commission Reflection Islam of HM2F

khaled al-rouayheb

L’ouvrage de Khaled el-Rouayheb : "Before homosexulity in the arab islamic world  ".

  The book online
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Journey to Holy Land - LGBT & spiritualities
(October & November 2011)

  From November 6th to the 13th, 2011, the associations BEIT HAVERIM (Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group of France), David & Jonathan (Gay & lesbian French Christian Movement) and HM2F (Citizen network of the Homosexual Muslims of France) *, have organized a trip to Israel and Palestine. This historic journey - a world first for never carried out by Muslims, Jews and Christians together - was at the forefront of a dialogue between spirituality, for the sake of reciprocity, and solidarity with the LGBT local movement *.

We undertook this journey completely independently, away from any form of politician ideology. Far from being the solution of the territorial conflict in the region, we believe that we - who are doubly discriminated - are able to learn and understand more, in contact with these people to whom we just want to speak. We do not believe that simply talking about discrimination shall permit the conflict to be resolved, we firmly believe; however, we must keep hope alive.

We are pleased today to be able to give you a detailed account of an LGBT approach for dialogue and for liberation from all forms of extremism or homonationalism, to which we have dedicated almost two years of preparation; rather than making fine speeches, comfortably seated in our chairs in Europe, we wanted to see on the ground the facts in order to deconstruct the prejudices, both from the Israeli and the Palestinian side. The Delegation of HM2F was constituted of three members of the our citizen network...

  Learn more - The travel blog of HM2F in Holy Land

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Cinéma - « La source des femmes »  (the source of women)
(Sunday 20th Novembre 2011)

Salam 'alaykom oua rahmatolah oua barakatoh.

We were three HM2F that Sunday to see the film "the source of women." This is taking place today in a small village, somewhere between North Africa and the Middle East. Women fetch water from the source at the top of the mountain, under a blazing sun, and has been doing so since immemorial times. Leila, a young bride, offers women the right to strike of love: no more cuddles, no more sex as men do not bring water to the village ...

  Learn more - the group Woman and Feminities of HM2F

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Debat - « Méditation in Islam II » 
(Friday 9th decembre 2011)

    We were 15 together that evening to attend the second part of the presentation on meditation in Islam, and the relationship between the body and the intellect, led by our brother Mohamed Jamal. Then we drank coffee and nibbled at our usual brasserie near Republic Square, before each of us went home, after a quiet  and instructive evening in excellent company...

  Consult the presentation of the groupe Prayers and Meditations of HM2F, here

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Award given to the association Le Girofard 
LGBT center of Bordeaux (Saturday 3rd december 2011)

       At 11.AM that day, the spokesman of HM2F was in Bordeaux where the Girofard received an award for innovation, thanks to the City of Bordeaux, accompanied among others by Jean-Christophe Testu - President of Le Girofard - and Alain Juppé - Mayor and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Then, we were twelve  at 6.PM to discuss all about the presentation of HM2F and the CALEM international conference.

  Learn more - blog of the association le Girofard

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Training to welcome victims of discriminations

RAVAD (25th & 26th Novembre 2011)

                Friday, November 25th, the RAVAD invited us for a two-day training about the welcome of victims of discriminations; it is about how to pool the expertise of thirty associations, in collaboration with a network of lawyers. Nearly 25 organizations are present, from all over France to take that training annually.

Jean-Bernard Geoffrey opened the meeting at 3.30.PM, and welcomed us warmly. Then we listen first Professor Michel Mine working in labor law at the CNAM, member of the Parity Observatory, a former labor inspector. He tells us,  from a very comprehensive complete record of made by the RAVAD, about the French and European case law regarding discrimination that are "unfavorable treatment", "illegitimate" and "related to a characteristic of the person that it is forbidden to take into account in order to establish a decision". These are what we call the three criteria of discrimination. This law allows us to know how it is possible to act, it can also encourage
discriminated citizens to act  against discrimination, and of course, it helps to know how far it is desirable, and possible to change the law ...

  Learn more

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The ANRS - AIDS research French national agency

Lauchs the first pre-exposition essay

The AIDS research French national agency (ANRS) will launch in January 2012, a trial prevention for gay and HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM). The ANRS IPERGAY (Preventive Intervention exposure to risk for and with Gays) will determine if antiretroviral therapy taken during the period of sexual activity associated with a comprehensive and enhanced prevention, can reduce the risk of being infected by HIV.

Thirty years after the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, a new page is being turned in the field of prevention research in Europe. The AIDS research French national agency  (ANRS) devotes an essay to the prevention of HIV transmission among gay and HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM) by testing the effectiveness of intermittent antiretroviral therapy, combined with a comprehensive and enhanced prevention.

The objective of the trial ANRS IPERGAY (Preventive Intervention exposure to risk for and with Gays) is to demonstrate that this strategy can reduce the risk of HIV infection...

  Learn more

The citizen network HM2F
is a member of the ANRS organizationnal committee

Press contact ANRS

Marie-Christine Simon
Tel.: 01 53 94 60 30

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COMICS - The adventures of Nordine, a gay in the suburb
Thanks to our brother Mustik


A scientific works hard somewhere in a nomansland...

I have found the cure!

"Gay, Muslim, Happy, Harmony... Error!"

It is insane!
It is not possible to be Gay, Muslim and Happy.

So, how do you feel!?

I feel weird!

You are cute!

Great! It works, he is only gay now and no more Muslim!

Another patient after the treatment:
"I get our of home without my veil!"

After a while:
"Who are you!?"

I am Wonder HM2F!

Enought of super heros that have their underwear on their pants!

I shall free you Nordine from the doctor Mahboul!

We are traped now Wonder HM2F! Are we in a dead end...?

We shall run, doctor Mahboul is behind us!

Look down, we are doomed...

Oh! What a dream. I should not read so much of comics before I sleep.
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Spokesman, L.Zahed - 1st January 2012

Hope to see you soon among us, Peace.

* Thanks to our sister organization from Amsterdam,

stichtingsecretgarden, to let us use one of their photos.


HM2F, our citizen network, is the international coordinator of the CALEM conference,
a member of the French LGBT Federation, the RAVAD, the ILGA ;
member of the interorganizational committees  Pinar Selek and IPERGAY, and founder member of the MTE

Our initiative is the result of a fretarnal collaboration between homosexuals (or citizens from other sexual visible minorities) :
atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or from any other faith ... This is a great pride ! And we foment
the secret hope in the face of Destiny, and that this spiritual plurality of a "living together" remains
the cornerstone on which we shall continue building our futur projects together inch'Allah.