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april  2012 *

A  gay  imam  celebrates 

the  wedding  of  two  homosexual  muslims


We were more than forty members and supporters of HM2F, or friend of the married couple, to share this happy moment at the wedding of Qiyaam and Ludovic. After a civil wedding in South Africa *, where they met two years ago, the couple celebrated their beautiful Islamic marriage now in France. "We must break the taboo. Everything is compatible, as long as you stay true to your values. All scholars agree that Islam does not act on interpersonal relationships. It is a path, not a dogma", says Ludovic to VSD **.

The ceremony, to which were also invited LGBT Christian and Jewish associations ***, has gone through several phases: after a lunch with very mixed dishes, the imam - Jamal, administrator in charge of the group Prayer and Meditation of HM2F and Master of Psychology - recited the traditional prayers before reading the Qur'an Sura Al-Fatiha. A Gay imam!? Jamal says it's possible, "the imam has a social function, regardless of my private life".

Then our clergyman brother - Thiebault, also a member of HM2F - suggested to all recite hand in hand the Our Father; and our Rabbi brother - Jeremiah, also a member of HM2F - recited the traditional prayers to bless the union of a married couple, in French and then in Hebrew. This peace, this ecumenism, gave tears to the eyes of several guests!

It was really wonderful to see everyone together. There was an extraordinary atmosphere: everyone danced together on Indian, oriental and contemporary music. And the five prayers of the day have been completed together, for those who pray the Muslim way; one of them has been guided by a woman - our sister Judith Ijtihad.

The husbands had the blessing of the mother, sister and father of Ludovic; they came from Marseille, where they reside, for the occasion. After initial difficulties accepting a gay son, Ludovic's father now says: "God can forgive everything, he says, except the fact of causing damage to someone else. Does my son commit any crime toward anyone? Only God will judge him".


                Paradoxically, it is the French state thet creates problems because of the legal mess and discrimination against same sex couples. France does not recognize their marriage concluded in South Africa last year - concluded on the 12th of August 2011 -, yet it also denies them the right to contract a PACS ****, due to the fact they are already married abroad - the law states that to contract a PACS partners must be single... Shall the French law evolve to enable every citizen of France to live in security? The couple has required a review of their case by the Chancellery (French ministry of justice); let’s pray for them. The citizen network HM2F has also adressed a letter to the French president of the Republic, to draw his attention of these particular double discriminations.

* In South Africa same sex marriage has been allowed in 2006; that should not obscure the dramatic and sometimes fatal destiny of many gays, lesbians and transsexuals in Africa or elsewhere.
** There was an article dedicated to this wedding in the French national magazine VSD; Thursday, February the 23rd of 2012 (VSD No. 1800, p.32).
*** Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transidentitaire, we thank David and Jonathan in it - especially its international commission - the Beit Haverim, Crossroads Christian inclusive, Bethany Communion.

**** PACS: French civil union opened to all citizens.


NB: a report drafted on the advice given of our sister association in Italy, MOI -


  All the reports of the group of HM2F "Festive Queer"

open  letter  to  the  french president  of  the  republic

Mr. President, dear Nicolas Sarkozy,

           We come to you today to draw your attention on the discrimination we suffer as a same-sex couple, married abroad, which cannot contract a PACS (civil partnership) in France due to the fact that they are not single. Thank you to remedy this legal mess by allowing them to contract a PACS.

           Indeed, two members of the citizen network HM2F - the Homosexual Muslims of France - have been married on the 12th of August 2011 in Cape Town - South Africa. Today they live in France under the same roof for several months, and they even have shared a common life in South Africa before that. Yet, simply because they are from same sex, their love and marriage is not recognized in France, under a French law that has not advanced on this subject yet. They clearly suffer in their daily lives due to double discrimination which they face; not mentioning this discriminatory treatment from the French state, because of their sexual orientation.

               In addition, they cannot contract a PACS, since the French law about it clearly confirms that they both must be single to do so [1]. This is a grotesque, discriminating, unfair position, that we ask you Mr. President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to put an end to it quickly. Current legislation has its roots deep in conservative traditions and prejudices which have no place to be within a secular state like France; these traditions should no longer be able to influence the theoretically equal status of French under the republic...

Read the entire letter


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The founder of our citizen network is  signing today the Statement of the NouvelObs  & of RespectMag :

               Faire France ensemble ("built France together")

"We intellectuals, Muslims, Jews, Christians and non-believers citizens want to demonstrate
our desire to preserve the unity of the nation around the values ​​of the Republic after the events that have shaken the country after the murder of Jewish children, their teacher and young soldiers in Montauban and Toulouse.

This is a serious situation here: in this presidential campaign period, we warn all candidates against the temptation to exploit this tragedy for partisan aim and divide the French Community on criteria that we reject. It is the Republic that was targeted in these terrorist attacks, that is to say the principle of equality and fraternity among all citizens, whatever their origin or religion. The fanatics are intended to divide society in separate and soon so hostile communities to pave the way for their morbid propaganda.

Any statement, gesture, any measure that tends to designate a particular religion or any culture to the public distrust, even indirectly, sustain their plans and weakens our common culture in a society that is both one, regarding to its foundations, and multiple in its approaches and its expression.

Rather, it is the fight against all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination, by the collective question about exclusions and clashes that a society tend to  produce, that will ensure the unity of the Democrats and the isolation of destructive forces.

Far from opposing them, Jews, Muslims, Christians and non-believers must cooperate tirelessly to the preservation - including within their own ranks ! - of common principles of equality and secularism, only able to provide mutual tolerance, freedom of religion and opinion, maintaining the fraternity and the development of a irreplaceable dynamic, of a society rich in its diversity".


25th of March 2012, a oecumenical and silent march in memory of the victims.

First intellectuals to have signed

  • Mehdi Thomas Allal, (responsable pôle anti-discrimination Terra Nova)
  • Jean- Christophe Attias (directeur d'études à l'EPHE Sorbonne, cofondateur du "Pari(s) du Vivre-Ensemble")
  • Laurent Azoulai (président cercle Léon Blum)
  • Bams (artiste)
  • Esther Benbassa (sénatrice EELV du Val-de-Marne, directrice d'études à l'EPHE (Sorbonne), cofondatrice du "Pari(s) du Vivre-Ensemble")
  • Ghaleb Bencheikh (essayiste)
  • Cheikh Khaled Bentounès (guide spirituel Tariqa Alawiya)
  • Rachid Benzine (islamologue)
  • Fatima Besnouci-Lancou (écrivain)
  • Dalil Boubakeur (recteur Mosquée de Paris)
  • Mourad Boudabbouz (entrepreneur et étudiant en islamologie)
  • Ofer Bronchtein (président Forum international pour la paix)
  • Marc Cheb Sun (fondateur et directeur de la rédaction de Respect Mag)
  • Madani Cheurfa (secrétaire général du Cevipof)
  • Jean Daniel (directeur du Nouvel Observateur)
  • Père Christian Delorme (prêtre en diocèse à Lyon)
  • Rokhaya Diallo (éditorialiste et militante)
  • Reda Didi (fondateur Graines de France)
  • François Durpaire (historien et président de Nous sommes la France)
  • Abdelhak Eddouk (aumônier musulman)
  • Jamel El Hamri (étudiant en master civilisation musulmane)
  • Anne Esambert (haut fonctionnaire)
  • Eric Geoffroy (islamologue)
  • Corine Goldberger (co-présidente de Shalom Paix Salam)
  • Nassurdine Haidari (Collectif Nous ne marcherons plus !)
  • Samia Hathroubi (co-fondatrice des JEM EGO, Juifs et Musulmans Ensemble Génération Ouverte)
  • Laurent Joffrin (Directeur de la rédaction Nouvel Observateur)
  • Nacer Ketane (président de Beur Fm)
  • Bariza Khiari (sénatrice de Paris)
  • Fadila Mehal (vice présidente Modem Paris)
  • Léonora Miano (écrivain)
  • Brice Nkonda (président du CQFD, Conseil des Quartiers de France pour la Diversité)
  • Ousmane Ndiaye (journaliste)
  • Naïma M’Faddel (présidente de la Maison d’Averroès)
  • Tareq Oubrou (Grand Imam de Bordeaux)
  • Rost (artiste et président de Banlieues actives)
  • Bolewa Sabourin (initiateur de Cités en mouvement)
  • Elyamine Settoul (enseignant Sciences Po)
  • Patrick Singaïny (intellectuel réunionnais)
  • Pierre Tartakowsky (président de la Ligue des Droits de l'Homme)
  • Christiane Taubira (députée de Guyane)
  • Louis-Georges Tin (président de République et diversité)
  • Ludovic Lotfi Mohamed Zahed (HM2F, Homosexuels musulmans de France)
  • Bernard Zilberg (président Maison Itshak Rabin France).
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Sustain Muslims of France in their emancipation, 
instead of stigmatizing them violently

Madam the candidate, Mister. The candidate,

Since the law of March 15th, 2004 prohibiting public school students to wear the Muslim headscarf, exclusions have increased, not only against the students but also against the Muslim mothers who wish to become involved in life school. Each week, women and / or their children are denied access to social or even medical services because of the way they dress.

Despite a notice from the HALDE (High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality)
recalling that the headscarf ban does not apply to parents, the UMP (right wing French party in charge today) plans to use once again secularism (defined by the 1905 & Ferry Goblet laws about school) by legalizing these discriminations.

Today, the PS (socialist party) launched also a witch hunt and the Senate passed a bill telling that religious neutrality is mandatory also for staff working in the private sector of early childhood (non-confessional and state-subsidized), including baby-sitters at home.

We can no longer tolerate such abuses, we refuse the status of exception that the current government is trying to impose on Muslims. We reserve our vote for a candidate faithful to the law of 1905 and we wish to reiterate forcefully that freedom is the rule, and the prohibition the exception. We expect from you a clear position on the issue...

Collectif MTÉ – Mamans Toutes Égales / www . mamans-toutes-

  Learn more on the Mamans Toutes Egales' website (that HM2F is a founder member of)

Secularism - a new law against Muslim women wearing simple headscarfs

         After the ban on religious symbols in schools and ban of the burqa, this new bill is considered by its critics as Islamophobic.


         Since the adoption of the text in the Senate to ban the headscarf for childminders, the reactions of indignation of the French citizens of Muslim faith are going well. The CFCM at CFIC, through the Coalition against Racism and Islamophobia (CRI), the Muslim Students of France (EMF) and the group Moms all equal (MTE), all up in arms against a proposal that does that 'exasperate the Muslims of France. 

    "The last laïcard delirium and Islamophobia", as is the term chosen by the Coalition against Racism and Islamophobia (CRI) to describe the controversial bill on "secularism" in nurseries, recreation centers and homes of nannies passed Jan. 17...

  Read more

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presidential & legislative elections

  Learn more

national  Meeting

    The French LGBT Federation, that HM2F is a member of, organised a National Meeting to defend the equality of rights for all citizens. The candidates to the President 2012 election were invited to present their promises.The entrance was free.

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" Rughum & Najda "


“Rughum & Najda” is set in ninth century Baghdad, in the heart of the Islamic Golden Age. The novel, which resurrects the opulent palaces of the Abbasid dynasty with historical precision that can be so real you can smell the incense and taste the food at the Caliph's banquets, is between the two women in the title: Rughum, a devout Muslim woman, who slowly awakens to a passionate love for Najda, a woman versed in the world of magic.

The author is someone who’s qualified for this type of work. “I am a historian of Arab history and civilizations, and in my research I focus particularly on the lives of homosexual women in the Middle Ages and antiquity,” Habib says.

Some years ago she published a nonfiction book about the subject, but the lack of fictional narrative on the subject stood out to her. “There has not been to date, a ficto-historical novel dealing with same-sex love among women set during the golden age of Islam,” she says, adding that she basis the story “on meticulous research and plausible narratives.”

  Learn more

dr. samar  habib


        Samar Habib received her doctorate from the University of Sydney, Australia. Her monograph Female Homosexuality in the Middle East: Histories and Representations was published by Routledge in 2007. Her critical translation of the Lebanese novel Ana Hiya Anti / I Am You by Elham Mansour was published in 2008. 

    Samar Habib has published several books, articles and novels.

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"The Qur'an and the flesh"

(A book to be translated in English soon inch’Allah)


“The revival or reform of Islam will not happen alone, we must act. To me, homosexuality, whatever people say, is not a choice, and it would be crazy to choose be homosexual when one comes from the sociocultural environment where I am coming from. Fortunately, here in France, it is no longer a crime. I think it is the representation that some French Muslims have of their religion, not Islam itself, which is problematic.

         It is the human being in all its complexity, knowledge, freedom of self-determination, his/her capacity for empathy, which makes us creators of possibilities, the successors of God on earth according to the teachings of the Qur’an. I understood that homosexuality as we live in today, at least such as French law allows us to live it, does not go against any of the principles of an enlightened Islam ..."

  Learn more

Ludovic-Mohamed  zahed

   Born in Algiers in 1977, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed grew up between France and Algeria. His is finishing a PhD. in Anthropology about Islam and sexual diversity. He founded several organizations, among which HM2F.
    He his also the author of a book about Aids children called "Révoltes extraordinaires : un enfant du sida autour du monde" (published on the first of December 2011, in collaboration with the association TDMES).

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Green Book | 2012

        This year the Green Book against homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia, shall be published in collaboration with intellectuals and associations who work in relationship with the CALEM's network, to contribute to the emancipation of individuals belonging de facto to a sexual minority, from a Muslim faith or a Muslim background.

  2010-2011 Green Books

        The Green Book | 2012 shall be presented in preview at the next CALEM European seminar.

  CALEM | 2012 conferences & seminars' program preview
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Debate "Feminism & Islam"

Thursday 8th of Mars at 19H - international Women's day

        A debate proposed by
Humanity in Action and the Institute of Islamic Culture during the International Film Festival of Human Rights and on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

         How can religion be a mean of emancipation for some while it is an obstacle to autonomy for others? Feminism, Islam, terms often opposed, a hackneyed theme, and yet, any feminist, whatever their religious identity is, tends toward the same goal: equal rights between men and women. Beyond the differences of approach, which points of convergence, what dialogue?

    A debate with :

      • Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, sociologist et vice-présidente of the ICI
  • Monique Crinon, Présidente of the IPAM (Initiatives Pour un Autre Monde)
  • Mariame Tighanimine, from Hijab and the City
  • Samia Allalou, in charge of the Fonds pour les Femmes en Méditerrannée

  Reports of HM2F's group "Woman & Feminity"

A debate moderated by Judith Ijtihad Lefebvre, member of HM2F and HIA < Network France 

Consult also the TV program

  "Femmes & LGBT en révolution"

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"Become a citizen of a plurial Europe :
Practical and interconvictional spaces"

        The aim of this colloquium was to introduce the debate on how the European institutions could better benefit from cultural diversity, capabilities and experiences of groups with interconvictional expertise recognized by their work, which qualifies them to intervene in a process of democracy completing the limits of participatory representative democracy. To do this, the reflection has been done in four steps:

         1) the passage personal contributions to the operational. Awareness, the importance of interconvictional dialogue is very different from a succession or juxtaposition of dialogues

         2) characterization of conditions for this development process and deliberations could lead to operational proposals

         3) characterization of sites that are secular democratic interconvictional spaces, allowing this development process and proposals.

         4) listening to the problems that arose in Europe, and show gaps in such areas that would create new forms of citizen participation, and enhance exchanges between citizens and officials.

        A workshop organized by the G3I, at the European Council's palace in Strasbourg, on the 24th of January 2012.

  Consulte the rport made by HM2F

  G3I, organizer of the colloquium

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Cinéma - « En secret » 
(Tuesday 14th of March 2012)

We were ten, among which four sisters, attending that night of the saint-valentine to the projection of the film in Paris “En secret” (secretely) of Maryam Keshavarz (released February 8th). That movie tells the story of a forbidden love between two young women in Iran. And reveals the talent of a young French-Iranian actress who rose brilliantly. Sarah Kazemy tells us this adventure which promises much more to come ...

  Learn more on L'

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Théatre Marigny - « Biyouna » 
(Wednesday 21th of March 2012)

We were two that night (others were interested, but the show has been so successful that there were more seats available that night ...) to watch the show of Biyouna. She presented her first solo show in France with this outspokenness that has made her an icon in hier country: Algeria. Throughout her history, that great voice makes the link between the two countries and two cultures with lucidity, humor and the casualness of a great lady.

  Reports of HM2F's group " Festive Queer"

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Monthly outrich of new members
Centre LGBT de Paris (saturday 25th of February 2012)


We were 16, including 8 new members and five women, at this monthly outrich. We shared a few drinks and biscuits while discussing of our experiences, our fears, our hopes, in compliance with the rules of sharing.

  Les comptes-rendus de la commission de HM2F "Accueil & Partage

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Seminar "Homosexual identities and practices in Judaïsm,
Christianism and Islam"
(monday the 9th of January at the EHESS)

We were about 35 that day, members of HM2F, volunteers or intelectuals, at that seminar...

Forth class

9th of January 2012
EHESS, 105 Bd Raspail, salle 8, 13h00

Synagogues, Churches and Mosques :
the homosexual issue

with the  participation of Rabbee Michael Azoulay, Father Laurent Lemoine,
Marina Zuccon, and imam Abdelhak Eddouk.  

Moderator: Danièle Hervieu Léger,
Studies supervisor at the EHESS

  Reports of the HM2F's commission "Reflexion Islam"

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Pinar Selek - lesbian,
anti-militarist feminist
Committee of solidarity

Conférences dabtes, and a Statement to the organizations and networks to call them to join officialy the Pinar Selek committee!

First organizations to have signed so far:

A.D.A.C-Athena (Strasbourg), Association Culturelle de Mésopotamie (Strasbourg), Association de Santé Solidaire et Prévention des Agressions (Grenoble), ASTU (Strasbourg), Auto-défense Autonomie (Lyon), Calamity Jane (Strasbourg), Calima (Alsace), CEMEA Alsace (Alsace), CIMADE Strasbourg (Strasbourg), Collectif CIGALE (Grenoble), Collectif Contre les Abus Policiers (Bordeaux), Collectif Lesbien Lyonnais (Lyon), Fédération Total Respect (France), Frisse (Lyon), Homos Musulmans de France (France), La Lune (Strasbourg), La Quincaillerie Lesbienne et Féministe (Lyon), La Station (Strasbourg), Les Amis du Peuple Kurde en Alsace (Strasbourg), LesBienNées (Nancy), Les Poupées en Pantalons (Strasbourg), Lestime (Genève), Le Torchon Brûle Toujours (France), Les Voix d’Elles (Grenoble), LeZ Strasbourgeoises (Strasbourg), Milite Terre (Strasbourg), Mouvement Pour une Alternative Non-violente (France), No différences (Amiens), Osez le Féminisme 67 (Strasbourg), Planning Familial Strasbourg (Strasbourg), SOS Femmes Solidarité (Strasbourg), SOS Sexisme (France), TaPaGeS (Strasbourg), Terre des Livres (Lyon), Tjenbé Rèd Prévention Guyane (Guyane), Tjenbé Rèd Prévention Martinique-Guadeloupe (Martinique-Guadeloupe), Tjené Rèd Prévention Paris-Île-de-France (Paris-Île-de-France), Union des Etudiants Etrangers de Strasbourg (Strasbourg)

  The Statement

  The French committee's website


The citizen network HM2F is a member of the Pinar Selek committee.

Contact : 


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Read more
news about Islam and inclusivity on the following social networks:

International congress on Islamic Feminism (Espagne)

Muslim for progressive values (USA)

CALEM - facebook group

Consult also our agenda online to learn more about the activities of HM2F

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OMICS - The adventures of Nordine, a gay in the suburb
Thanks to our brother Mustik
Where are you going guys!?

You are dressed like pengouins!

You are not aware that Oualid is getting married?


I thought he was gay...

Come with us, all the Cité is invited.

Ok Iam curious to see that.

Greeeat we are goanna eat so much!

And we are goanna know who is the lucky one.

Nobody saw her yet!?

Yes, it is a mystery!

I arrived just on time!

Great, I arrived just before Superman and Batman.

Wouaw! What a crowd!

The spouse must be very beautiful.

He is finaly getting married; we were having doubts about him...

I am mooved!

It is the most beautiful day of my life life.

My god, my son is finaly getting married!

Come on my daughter in law, take of your veil now.

Yes show us your nice face (say the imam).

Here I am! (says the fiançé showing his face).

My God! Your wife if your best friend!!!

He is a boy and he is not even Muslim!!!

Don't you think we are a great couple mum?
I am goanna earse you from my testament.

Follow me honney, I have planned everything.

Son of shame!

Whare are we going Oualid?

Why don't we go to Spain where the marriage is legal for all citizens!?

Wouaw! Very cleaver this Oualid.

Ahhhh, we have been to a gay marriage!

We leave together for ever happy and we had many children.

And I am the one who drives...

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Spokesman, L.Zahed - 1st January 2012

Hope to see you soon among us, Peace.

* Thanks to our sister organization from Amsterdam,

stichtingsecretgarden, to let us use one of their photos.


HM2F, our citizen network, is the international coordinator of the CALEM conference,
a member of the French LGBT Federation, the RAVAD, the ILGA ;
member of the interorganizational committees  Pinar Selek and IPERGAY, and founder member of the MTE

Our initiative is the result of a fretarnal collaboration between homosexuals (or citizens from other sexual visible minorities) :
atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or from any other faith ... This is a great pride ! And we foment
the secret hope in the face of Destiny, and that this spiritual plurality of a "living together" remains
the cornerstone on which we shall continue building our futur projects together inch'Allah.