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PS - to contact the founder and former spokesman of our organization (until December 2012), or the confederation CALEM which he is international coordinator of, please write to imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed via the email of our sister organization: calem.confederation.2010@gmail.com

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"Say : Each one doth according to his rule of conduct , and thy Lord is best aware of him whose way is right . They will ask thee concerning the Spirit . Say : The Spirit is by command of my Lord , and of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little..."

In Paris and Lyon, we proceeded in the same way: Just invite local contacts who are interested in issues related to Islam and gender diversity in a shisha cafe to discuss around a mint tea about our concerns, our hopes ... Then things will evolves slowly but surely, each at their own rythme bringing his/her stone to the edifice. A member of the HM2F Board of Directors may come to handle with you, wherever you are, the first meeting to launch the project. Then, simply continue to conduct such meetings regularly, in a friendly and confidential way, before, perhaps, to consider other activities according to your desires and your local projects.

our  activities

Today in France, many brothers and sisters are trying to conciliate traditions, religious beliefs, human spirituality, with what falls within the area of privacy: our sexual preference, whatever it is exaclty. Over 50 years of human sciences and several statistical studies conducted in the field for several decades, shows that we would be more than 100 million Muslims to be homosexual (over 10% of the general population). However being gay or LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual ...), is still a huge issue for those who were born in a conservative environment, as it is the case for many Muslim homosexuals (North African, Asian, etc.).

Yet homosexuality (and sexuality in general) is not a choice but a reality that we learn to discover as a teenager. We would like to point out that we should be masochist to choose to be homosexual in a culture where we know that homosexuals are rejected by their families, their friends, and that Muslim homosexuals ends to be stigmatized not only because of their cultural background, but also because of their sexual orientation.

Learn more about our spiritual and convivial retreat in Fez (Morocco - June 2013) click here. And the documentary of our retreat is already online:




Spokesman, L.Zahed

Hope to see you soon among us, Peace.



HM2F, our citizen network, is the international coordinator of the CALEM conference,
a member of the French
LGBT Federation, the RAVAD, the ILGA ;
member of the interorganizational committees
 Pinar Selek and IPERGAY, and founder member of the MTE

Our initiative is the result of a fretarnal collaboration between homosexuals (or citizens from other sexual visible minorities) :
atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or from any other faith ... This is a great pride ! And we foment
the secret hope in the face of Destiny, and that this spiritual plurality of a "living together" remains
the cornerstone on which we shall continue building our futur projects together inch'Allah.